UIAH & Aalto

Workshop Master 1/2007 - 6/2020

Encountered dozens of talented artists and helped them to dive through some unbelievable projects while upkeeping the technical infrastructure of the unit. This journey taught me a lot about tech and people.


System Specialist 7/2021 -

Administrating various systems of eLearning and sometimes even the people interacting with the systems. Strong desire to develop things. Believer in lifelong learning.


Bachelor of Engineering

Information Technology & Software

Master of Science

Networks and Information Security Management (project forever...)



Team Mac

I know a thing or two about MacOS, Windows, iOS, MS Office, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, Indesign, Apache, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Wordpress, Java, Ethernet, IoT, LoRa


Team Genelec

Life is too short to listen crappy sound. Or music.


Team Nikon

I shoot with prime lenses. They force you to think. Check out my flickr